White Paper on the management of Economic Migration: Indications and Proposals for the Redesign of Governance Schemes of Economic Migration and Procedures for the Meeting of Foreign Labour Supply and Demand

20 February 2023
After a consultation process with the people who work in the economy and society, ...
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Flow Decree: news for 2023

2 February 2023
In the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 21 December 2022 the theme ...
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Project for the labour Inclusion of Ukrainian Women

19 January 2023
Funded by the Department for Equal Opportunities and the Department of Civil Protection and ...
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Interinstitutional Help Desk on tour

17 January 2023
Operational in giving support to migrant people  present in the countryside and urban areas ...
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Protecting the rights of migrant workers in irregular situations 

22 December 2022
International migration has become an integral part of the global economy. Together with their ...
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Application forms in 9 languages to request the intervention of labour inspectors 

15 December 2022
The National Labour Inspectorate has published the forms to request the inspection intervention, in ...
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Leone Moressa Foundation: XII annual report on the economics of immigration – The number of persons entering the labour market is increasing but it remains much smaller than the EU average 

7 December 2022
On November 14 was presented in Rome the 2022 Annual Report on the Economics ...
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