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comunicazione | 20 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Establish a commission of inquiry in the Senate to investigate the exploitation of workers

On 22 March 2023, by resolution of the Senate of the Republic, at Palazzo Madama, it was established pursuant to art. 82 of the Constitution and art. 162 of the Rules of the Senate, a parliamentary committee to investigate working conditions in Italy, exploitation and safety at work.

The Commission, consisting of 20 senators, will report annually to the Senate on the activities and results of the inquiry. In accordance with the decision, the Commission’s task is to verify:

  • the scale of accidents at work, in particular with regard reference to the number of fatal accidents, illness and disability, and assistance to the families of the victims;
  • the extent of the presence of minors, especially as regards foreign minors, their protection and their exposure to risks;
  • the presence of enterprises controlled directly or indirectly by organised crime;
  • the impact of digitalization and new technologies on occupational health and safety;
  • the adequacy of checks by the supervisory bodies on the application of safety standards;
  • The causes of occupational accidents, especially their magnitude in the area of undeclared or irregular work;
  • any new legislative and administrative instruments for the purpose of preventing and combating occupational accidents;

The measure launched by the Government, with the specific purpose of monitoring the labour market, in all its facets, once again denotes the increasing attention to issues related to working conditions in our country.

More information: https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2023/03/28/23A01989/sg