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comunicazione | 15 March 2023 | 0 Comments

“Stories of exploitation”: available online the illustrated guide to inform about labour exploitation

As part of the project “Understanding – Forming – Acting” with leader the Prefecture of Turin was created the comic book “Stories of ordinary exploitation”, an illustrated guide to inform victims about labour exploitation and ensure them the best possible protection.

The comic collects two stories, “The banality of apples” and “The park I did not choose”, taken from true stories, in which there are cases of  labour exploitation against migrant citizens who arrived in our country in search of a better life.

These stories tell of life and social redemption paths of applicants for international protection, citizens in possession of a regular residence permit who, having to keep and care for their loved ones in the countries of origin and pay the debt contracted to leave, they agree to work for wages of a few euros per hour, and sometimes risk not even perceive.

Each story is inspired by a true story and is based on the recommendations of the “Three-year plan to combat labour exploitation in agriculture 2020-2022” and the related Guidelines, in particular regarding information, training and strengthening of the skills of the services and actors involved and the need to adequately inform victims of exploitation about their rights, available options, procedures and possible outcomes, to ensure the best possible protection.

for more information, browse the comic: https://www.nuovicittadini-prefto.it/guide-illustrate