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Project for the labour Inclusion of Ukrainian Women

Funded by the Department for Equal Opportunities and the Department of Civil Protection and implemented by IOM, Adecco and Religous Association Santa Sofia, the project “Interventions in favour of  vulnerable women displaced by Ukraine and professional empowerment to facilitate their socio-occupational inclusion” was born in response to the need for protection of Ukrainian women temporarily here in Italy.

Ukrainian women, due to language barriers and poor knowledge of the Italian socio-economic context, are particularly vulnerable and exposed to risks related to trafficking in human beings and labour exploitation. The aim of this project is to implement measures to prevent such risks and to consolidate integrated protection mechanisms.

In particular, the project includes information sessions on civic orientation and Italian culture, on the prevention of risks related to trafficking and labour exploitation and on the protection mechanisms provided for by Italian legislation and interventions such as remote Italian language courses, support for the elaboration of curriculum vitae, balance sheets of skills in the Italian language and remote vocational training courses.

Italian flyer: https://italy.iom.int/sites/g/files/tmzbdl1096/files/Flyer%20Progetto%20(A5)_ITA.pdf

Ukrainian flyer: https://italy.iom.int/sites/g/files/tmzbdl1096/files/Flyer%20Progetto%20(A5)_UA.pdf