Cases of labour exploitation discovered in Fucino: undocumented workers subjected to 12-hour shifts in the countryside

6 July 2023
In the Fucino Plain, inspections were conducted by the Labour Inspectorate, supported by mediators ...
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“PUOI: Promoting Socio-Professional Integration of Vulnerable Migrants”

29 June 2023
PUOI (Unified Protection with Integration Objective) is a project for the socio-professional integration of ...
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Income of immigrants on the rise after Covid

21 June 2023
According to researchers from the Leone Moressa Foundation, “In 2022, the number of immigrant ...
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Increase in workplace accidents for foreign workers

15 June 2023
In 2021, complaints of accidents involving foreign workers increased by 3.1% compared to 2020. ...
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Migration Flows Bounced Back in 2021

25 May 2023
Following a record decline in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis, migration flows to ...
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Labour migration: improving legal avenues to work in the EU

18 May 2023
Europe is facing demographic changes with a rapidly aging population and low birth rates. ...
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Seasonal workers from third countries: the Commission invites Italy to correctly transpose all the provisions of the Seasonal Workers Directive

4 May 2023
The Commission has decided to initiate infringement proceedings by sending letters of formal notice ...
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